General Tropical ACB-24N 2 Ton Split Type AC

  • 3-D airflow
  • New comfort airflow mode (Malaysia)
  • Indoor unit quiet operation
  • Outdoor unit quiet operation
  • Auto fan speed
  • ECONO mode
  • POWER CHILL operation
  • Child Lock
  • New Dry Mode Function
  • Vertical Auto Swing ( Up & Down )
  • Horizontal Auto Swing ( Left & Right )
  • Power Display At Indoor Unit
  • Auto Restart ( After Power Failure )
  • 24-Hr On/Off TimeSpecifications
  • Power supply: (220-240V)
  • EER: 8.02
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Cooling capacity Rated Full/Half (min.~max.): 1800
  • Indoor Operation Sound: 47/45/43/37/32

৳ 48,200.00 ৳ 51,500.00

This refers to the ability of the AC to cool the room quickly as per the user’s requirement. provide cooling up to 16°C. With 20 rows of copper evaporator coils and twin rows of condenser coils, provide faster General ACB-24N  cooling than other ACs.

I-Sense is an advanced feature designed for your utmost comfort. Normally, air conditioners have only one temperature sensor on the indoor unit which senses the temperature around the unit and not 1.5 Ton AC necessarily near the user, leading to discomfort for the user, especially in large rooms. Air Conditioner range comes equipped with 2 sensors, one of the units and the other on the remote handset. In a large room, you may choose to enable this feature on the remote. The sensor in the remote will then sense the temperature around you and will control the air conditioner to match the set temperature with that of your location, providing the utmost comfort. Now, get what you set General ACB-24N